The Milton Margai College of Education and Technology polytechnic (MMCET) on 24th August 2020 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Belvedere Sierra Leone Limited for skills development, outcome based trainings, placement, Research and Development services and related services.
The ceremony took place at the Great Hall of the Goderich Campus.
MMCET was represented by the principal, Dr. Philip John Kanu while Belvedere SL Ltd was represented by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Patrick M. Kormawa both of whom signed the MoU on behalf of their respective institutions.
Dr. Kanu said he wants his students to learn more practicals than theory so that they can fix machines, construct bridges and houses on graduation, that the MoU came at the right time, that the college would abide by the MoU to the latter underscoring that the college would benefit immensely from it, that he has informed the College Council about it and that the Chairman of the Council is satisfied and would endorse the MoU.
Dr. Patrick M. Kormawa enlightened that his company is also into agriculture and affordable housing for Sierra Leoneans and reiterated the need for students of the college to have a place to do their practicals and internship with the company.
Both parties believe that collaboration and cooperation between themselves will promote more effective use of each of their resources as well as provide each of them with enhanced opportunities.
According to the MoU, the parties intend to cooperate and focus their efforts on cooperation within the area of skilled based training, education and research to advance their mutual interests.
Belvedere SL Ltd is engaged in housing business, stabilized soil block production, consultancy, skills development, education and research and development.
Furthermore, the two parties shall establish channels of communication and cooperation that will promote and advance their respective operations within the institution and its related wings. Also, the two parties shall keep each other informed of potential opportunities and shall share all information that may be relevant to secure additional opportunities for each other.
The two parties shall also facilitate effective utilization of the intellectual capabilities of the Faculty of the First Party (MMCET) providing significant inputs to them in developing suitable teaching/training systems, keeping in mind the needs of the industry, the Second Party.
The students and graduates from the institution could play a key role in technology upon graduation, innovation and competitiveness in an industry that would be of major benefit to the student community to enhance their skills and knowledge. The Second Party will give valuable inputs to the college in teaching/training methodology and suitable customize the curriculum so that students fit into the industrial/world of work.
It must be noted that there is no financial commitment on the part of MMCET and Belvedere SL Ltd to talk up any program mentioned in the MoU. If there is any financial consideration it will be dealt with separately. The MoU is valid until it is expressly terminated by either party on mutually agreed terms. Both parties may terminate the MoU within 30 calender days’ notice in writing and in such event, both parties have to discharge their obligations.
Signing of the MoU by Dr. Philip John Kanu and Dr. Patrick M. Kormawa, climaxed the ceremony that was chaired by the college’s registrar, Mr. Sheriffu Bangura while the Vice Principal, Dr. Mohamed Alie Jalloh, earlier introduced Dr. Joseph Kormawa.

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