Codix Healthcare Sierra Leone Limited has on Tuesday 8th February 2022 donated Cardio-Metabolic Care Diagnostic medical devices to the Milton Margai Technical University Goderich Campus. One unit of standard F200 Fluorescent immunoassay(FIA) analyser and twenty packs of any combination of its kit at affordable prices.

Cardiometabolic diseases are a group of common diseases but often preventable conditions including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, insulin resistance, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. There is a global increase in the number of people who experience one or more of these conditions during their lifetime.These devices are used to diagnose, prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and metabolic disorders.

In his presentation on the Cardiometabolic Care range of products to the university, the Country Director of Codix Healthcare Sierra Leone Mr. Segun Aderemi thanked the institution for the opportunity to introduce their products and hope they will work together. Highlighting cardiovascular diseases(CVD), Mr. Aderemi noted that; they are the number one cause of death globally, more people die from the diseases annually than any other cause, he said an estimated 17.9 million deaths yearly, representing 31% of all the global deaths, 85% of the deaths are due to heart attack and stroke, but regrettably, over three-quarters of CVD death take place in low and middle-income countries he noted. Mr. Aderemi furthered that, out of 17 million premature deaths below the range of 70 to noncommunicable diseases in 2015, 82% were in low-middle-income countries and 37% are caused by CVDs. He also affirmed that diabetes is a major cause of complications like kidney failure, blindness, stroke, heart attack, and limb amputation, given an overall percentage in Africa, stating that, 3.5% population is estimated to be diabetic in Sierra Leone according to WHO in (2015).Manager Aderemi promised that the software installation of these devices will be free of cost hence they signed the MOU with the University, he explained the features and benefits of devices in the area of the test result, time, test capacity, memory, connectivity, power, size, and weight.He also explained the features and benefits of Veri-Q Red, Hemoglobin Monitoring System(HbMS), Lipidocare Analyser for lipid testing and Glucose Meter and Some RDT which is a package of code-free, Hepatitis, Malaria and HIV Kit. He said some of the products will be given to the institution and they in return will buy as a form of commitment he ended.

In his statement the University Consultant Medical Doctor Dr. Baimba Rogers spoke about the reformation of the clinic and the laboratory for a better service and the good interaction he has got with Codix.He also noted that they want to discourage the practice of staff or workers going elsewhere seeking better medical attention, observing that, he wants the healthcare facility in the institution to represent a typical laboratory in the government entity, which can stand a teste of time and can be competitive, he welcomed and thanked Codix for coming and their offer to the University.

The Vice-Principal and Director of Academic Affairs Dr. Mohamed AlieJalloh welcomed everyone, stating that the donation of equipment by Codix is a mouthful, admitting that, seeking medical attention in some of these healthcare facilities is very expensive, “having this kind of facility within our healthcare system will be incredible,” he noted.He furthered that, the Acting Vice-Chancellor has attached premium on partnership which he thinks is very good for the development of the institution, adding that he is so excited about the partnership proposal from Codix.

As a form of living honour, Dr. Mohamed Alie Jalloh thanked Dr. Rogers for his remarkable effort to rebrand the healthcare facility since he came, noting that he has been diligent in discharging his tasks and implored him to continue a good job.

The Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Milton Margai Technical University Prof. Philip John Kanu thanked Dr. Rogers for establishing a good relationship with Codix, he said that Dr. Rogers is not only supporting the institution but he is doing more to what they agreed on, noting he is always available anytime he is needed.He further thanked Codix Healthcare for accepting to come and deliver a presentation to the institution.

Responding to the MOU, the Acting Vice-Chancellor noted that, they will make a pronouncement on that after it has gone through the right process.He assured the Codix team that, anything that fosters or enhances the institution to move up, he said they are always willing to support such course. The principal noted that the institution’s healthcare is not only serving the staff and students but also the community people.He furthered that, the Ministry of Health is trying to see how best they can improve the health centre, noting that; whatever support Codix is providing, they are not just providing it to the institution but to the country as a whole because all the surrounding communities are benefiting from the healthcare facility, he disclosed.Talking about the importance of the equipment, the principal stated that, most people move around without knowing their health status, some of them learned the demise of their parents’ without finding the cause, which he thought might have been a cause of these diseases and most are transferable, checking your status will help you censor any of the diseases if you might have been affected by it he said.He emphasized the importance of the kit and urged everyone to prioritize their health status.

Dr. Grace Adepoju lecturer in Environmental Sciences Faculty thanked everyone present as she delivers the vote of thanks, she acknowledge Codix Healthcare for such a wonderful gesture to the Milton Margai Technical University, noting that, as a University; you have to be able to generate ideas for growth and linked the project as one idea which can lead to improvement of the institution and wish for fruitful partnership.Codix is a fast-growing, duly registered pharmaceutical company in Nigeria that has its branches in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and the United Kingdom with a deep focus on cardiometabolic care.

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