MMTU Named The Newly Refurbished Hall The Julius Maada Bio Hall.

MMTU Named The Newly Refurbished Hall The Julius Maada Bio Hall.

The newly refurbished hall at Congo Cross Campus Milton Margai Technical University has been named The Julius Maada Bio Hall.
The institution is now a University which presupposes that; there should be enough structure to enhance their activities.
His Excellency, President Dr. Julius Maada Bio did not only make a promise of transforming the Milton Magai College into a Technical University as he has done some times last year but had as well put more premium on constructing new buildings and refurbishing the existing ones into a modern structure.

This massive transformation of the Milton Margai Technical University demonstrates that the President is committed to letting Sierra Leone regain its lost glory as the Athens of West Africa and the citadel of Education.

The President campaigned in the 2018 general elections to the citizens that if voted he would build the human capital of the country, which he said is the only means a nation can develop to create generational prosperity.

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal Designate of the Milton Margai Technical University, Prof. Philip John Kanu has been very much supportive to advance the agenda of the President, the perfect working plan between these two had led to the construction of many modern buildings for the various campuses to create a better learning environment for the students.

Work is completed for the refurbished multi-purpose hall at the Congo Cross Campus and naming it as “The Julius Maada Bio Hall,” is a way of acknowledging the good work of the President.
The massive development over the years since the President took up office has uplifted the University to rank the best among others in terms of a conducive learning environment.

No more like before when the Milton Margai college was abandoned with dilapidated structures and less support from the government.
The college was the least considered by students to opt-in doing their further studies due to its administrative and structural deficiency.

The University can now boast of modern structures to hurl the learning process and many are in the pipeline as promised by this Government.

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