Milton Margai Technical University  Launches its First Academic Research in progress with Support from U.S Fulbright Grant; Showcasing topics affecting the Society.

Milton Margai Technical University Launches its First Academic Research in progress with Support from U.S Fulbright Grant; Showcasing topics affecting the Society.

To create a strong foundation for major advances in the Faculty of Hotel, Tourism, and Nutritional Sciences at the Milton Margai Technical University Brookfields campus has today 8th February 2022 launched it Academic Research in progress at the Great Hall Goderich campus.

This is the first time the university has had a scientific poster presentation of various areas bothering the society. The University is working on eight key research themes to enable the institution to answer major questions, evaluate outcomes and make recommendations. The eight key topics will be developed into a scientific research publication in academic journals. The faculty is set to look into: Youths in Bike Riding for livelihood- a study on the Gooderich community by Halima Jumu. An investigation of the use of strategic Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry in Sierra Leone by Hawa Francess Saidu. Livelihoods and Women Economic empowerment: A case study of stone breakers in Post-War Sierra Leone by Dr. Sylvia T Juta. The Impact of customer service on guest satisfaction in selected hotels in the Western District of Sierra Leone by Jacqueline Israela Koi. Sand Mining in Coastal Areas: A threat to the sustainability of Beach Tourism in Sierra Leone by Aminata Bangura. Food safety and Hygiene practices among street food (“Cookery”) sellers in Freetown by Mariama Beatrice Kangbai. The use of Aphrodisiac and its health effect from the perspective of Tourists and Locals by Ejatu Dorcas Abimaje Labija and the impact of Micro Credit on small and medium enterprises operated by women in Sierra Leone by Amadu Samai. Submitting a brief background on the various topics; the researchers established the various objectives towards the research, sample analysis, hypothesis, and by establishing a different view on the research areas contrary to the general perspective before now.

The American Ambassador to Sierra Leone David Reimer noted that; the United States is proud to sponsor educational exchanges like Fulbright Scholars that foster mutual understanding, advance knowledge, and improve lives around the globe. He furthered that he enjoyed seeing the impact that American Fulbrighters like Prof. Brown is having here in Sierra Leone, as they share knowledge across communities and bring the people of the United States and Sierra Leone closer together. “Every year, the U.S. Embassy supports several American scholars and student researchers to come to Sierra Leone. Across all of our educational and cultural exchange programs, we send 40-50 Sierra Leonean students and young professionals to the United States every year on academic, cultural, and professional opportunities,” he added. He ended by congratulating Milton Margai’s faculty and researchers on their interesting projects, and wishing them the best as they continue their academic research and publications. Ambassador Reimer made a walking tour of the Great Hall exhibition viewing posters describing current research projects and had the opportunity to ask questions to the researchers which he said he was very impressed by the presentation.

The Vice-Principal and Director of Academic Affairs Dr. Mohamed Alie Jalloh thanked Prof. Desmond Brown for making such academic research possible. He furthered that, there are three core values of any University which he said are; teaching and learning, research, and community service. Dr. Jalloh continued that, all the key research areas are very crucial to our everyday life in society. He thanked the Chancellor of the University Dr. Kabia, the Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof Philip John Kanu for their remarkable leadership of the institution and noted that, within this short time, the institution has created an immense impact on the nation and thus as a Technical University, they are going to continue to solve societal problems, he ended.

In his statement, the American Fulbright scholar Dr. Desmond Brown noted that; the United States Fulbright program is intended to foster understanding, advance knowledge, and also improve lives around the globe. He expressed his appreciation for being selected as a Fulbright scholar to Sierra Leone, among many others who applied for such a program, he noted his deep gratitude for being a Sierra Leonean. His selection, he said is an opportunity to give back to his country and he’s so proud to do that he stated. Prof. Brown furthered that, the institution was upgraded to a Technical University in 2021, which implies the lecturers must be able and capable to conduct research that can be published in academic journals, as it is a prerequisite and standard practice globally among universities. He also noted that part of his program mission here is to assist the Brookfields Campus Faculty to render such assistance by raising the level of quality education in Sierra Leone. Prof. Brown also registered that, the research topics are an attempt to investigate issues of immediate concern in the university community primarily around livelihoods, hospitality, and tourism selected by the faculty members themselves, adding that, they have worked so very hard to reach this far. He extended his gratitude to the Vice Chancellor for the invitation and also to all the lecturers for their cooperation and support. He urged all the researchers to share the newly acquired knowledge gained.

The Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal , Prof. Philip John Kanu, noted that; this is the first time the institution is having a scientific presentation, and especially noted the hard work of Professor Brown stating that, they started the journey some three years ago. He said the hallmark of a leader is to be able to identify productive people who can support you through your job, acknowledging Prof. Brown as one of those people. He urged everyone to work in earnest as he was appointed to do a job, Prof. Philip John Kanu deeply thanked the government of President Dr. Julius Maada Bio first, for trusting and believing in him to transform the institution and also for the unrelenting support he has been providing, in the area of salary increment last year, and also 25% increment which was effective this January as promised to motivate lecturers and the administration to continue doing their job. He further thanked the president for stepping out the chancellorship as promised in his manifesto. He reassured the Chancellor of the University Dr. Victor E.A Kabia of the continued execution of his job, which he said will put the institution in line with international standards. He added that, the research areas are very impressive and those are things they want to be seen by solving critical issues affecting the Country and communities as a whole.“This is not the Milton Margai people used to know,” Prof. Philip John Kanu noted, adding that, lecturers go through a rigorous process for the institution to get the best quality. He said scholarships are provided to lectures for further studies and urged everyone to be committed to the job for the development of this country.

The Chancellor of the University Dr. Victor E.A Kabia stated that he is very pleased for such a remarkable venture undertaken by the institution, he made this remark whilst delivering his address and officially launched the Presentation. He thanked Professor Desmond Brown for his remarkable job and dedicated the ceremony to the institution for continuous professional development, which he said is very paramount in our development. He furthered that, lecturers should not just come and rely on the old books to teach the students but rather to create an input which he said can be done through research, adding that, they are going to compare their research based on international standards, he thanked everyone for such a great job and urged them to continue to do more.The showcase of the research is being facilitated by the U.S government-sponsored Fulbright grant through the Fulbright scholar Prof. Desmond Brown.

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