NAME: Ms. Mariama Mansaray

CONTACT: +232/75011514


Finance Officer (Head of the Department) - The Finance Department of the College is headed by the Finance Officer. This department typically focuses on providing accurate financial information in accordance with accounting best practice.


To ensure that the subventions allocated to the College Council by the Ministry of Finance through the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education are efficiently utilized and Tuition Fees and Other Charges collected were properly accounted for.


- Administer the College funds in accordance with the approved budget.

- Monitoring the Financial Performance of the College

- Reporting Strategic Financial Management matters to the Finance and General Purpose Committee (F&GP)

- Reviewing financial reports to be presented to the College Council

- Ensure the appropriate fees are paid by students

- Provide supervision for all Staff in the Finance Department (Goderich, Congo Cross & Brookfield`s Campus)

- Prepare Polytechnic College Account and Financial Statement