The Freetown Technical Institute at Congo Cross, Freetown was originally established in 1945 as a Government Technical Training Centre for the purpose of training military officers. In 1952 the Government Technical Centre phased out and was renamed Freetown Technical Institute with the mandate to train technicians, craftsmen and improve the technical skills of Government workers and industrial employees, in order to increase the supply of middle level man-power based in the country’s development aspirations. When the Government Civil Service Training School was merged with IPAM, the training programme related to Secretarial Duties was handed over to Freetown Technical Institute at Congo Cross. Over the years, Freetown Technical Institute training services have been diversified. In addition to its programme in general education, the Institute provides training in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil and Building Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Marie Engineering, Architectural Drafting and Technology, Business and Management Studies and Secretarial Duties. The diversified curriculum provides opportunity for young school graduates to study a wide range of courses, academic and non-academic at various levels to provide for their mobility from the lowest level to the highest level of certification possible within the Polytechnic Institution.